During the second term the students from 2nd Batxillerat had the chance to have the English class with a native speaker who is preparing to be a secondary school teacher. His name is Grahame and he is doing a “Master’s Degree in Secondary Education Teacher Training and Language Teaching”.

We almost forgot about the book and did all the activities following a wiki called Segarra TODAY which had been created by Grahame. From the very beginning we knew what we would do during the eight sessions with him because he had clearly specified the tasks to be done every day in the wiki. The topic of the unit we were working was Making the News and we learnt about the different types of mass media and also which the basic parts of a newspaper article are.

The objective of all this was to produce a newspaper blog of local interest working in groups of four or five students. All the articles had to be accompanied by images and the blog also had to include a short video about a local issue. All that work resulted into five different blogs about Cervera.

Below there is the list of students who formed each group and the links to these interesting blogs. We enjoyed the activity a lot and want to thank Grahame for having chosen our group to do his practice work.

TEAM 1 members: Oriol Carrasco, Roger Recasens, David Rosell
Georgina Sánchez and Ariadna Turull

BLOG LINK: http://segarramagazine.blogspot.com/

TEAM 2 members: Jordi Boquet, Judit Duaigües, Daniel Hernández
Alazne Sandino and Felix Santa

BLOG LINK: www.noticiesdeseca.blogspot.com

TEAM 3 members: Roger Espada, Juan Pablo Guerra, Mònica Llorens
and Pol Rovira

BLOG LINK: Segarra Today

TEAM 4 members: Badr Bouazza, Joel Canosa, Clàudia Freixes
Laura París and Julià Rodríguez

BLOG LINK: http://cerverareporters.blogspot.com/

TEAM 5 members: Marc Arbós, Ariadna Armengol, Ramon Borda
Josep Pomes and Andrea Portella

BLOG LINK: http://the-dry-catalonia.blogspot.com/


The unit we have just begun with our course teacher is about The Science of Emotions and as a warm up to the topic we wrote some short poems about feeling. Here is a sample of some of our poems.

Poems about feelings written by 2nd Batxillerat students


WHEN I’M SAD (Juan Pablo Guerra)

When I’m sad and think of my sadness,

I feel my soul empty.

Now, looking out of the window

I think I’m missing something,

I feel empty inside,

And only you can fill that.


LOVE (Roger Recasens)

When you’re around me, I get really nervous

When I hear your voice, I can’t say a word.

I’m all day in a cloud

I don’t know if I’m ill

I don’t know what happens to me….
MY FEELINGS (Laura París)

I’m happy when I’m not sad,

I’m happy when I don’t make mistakes,

I’m happy when I do things well,

I’m happy when I stay with my friends and family,

I’m happy when I go to parties.


FRUSTRATION (Roger Espada)

Frustration is when you think that something’s going to be fine

but it finally goes wrong.

Frustration is when you think you will receive a satisfaction

and the only thing you get out is a deception.

Frustration is when you practice and practice

and don’t achieve your goals.

Frustration, frustration, what a disappointing feeling!


FEELINGS (Joel Canosa)

We should control emotions if we want to live in peace.

For example, our feelings are usually good

Except when we are in a bad mood.

If we do something bad,

we will probably feel sad.

About your feelings, try to be positive

and you will become sensitive.


FEELINGS (Pol Rovira)

Illusion fills days and nights

Reality often makes me sad

I know one day something will change in me

And then it will be you who will make my life meaningful.